Re-Design for RideFare.com

Project Overview

Project Type:     Individual

My Role:    UX Designer

Project Duration:    2 Months

Platform:     Mobile Application

Tools:    Sketch & InVision 

Project Work for:    RideFare.com

This project was part of a course in rapid prototyping and lean UX method. Ride Fare is a ride share organization which employed students in the rapid prototyping course to help improve the overall design and accessibility of their mobile application. Each student had a group interview with the stakeholders and the rest of the class, then completed the project on their own following rapid prototyping methods. 

Stakeholder Requirements

"How can we make this application more accessible for users with disabilities? Especially users who need wheelchair access." 


Design Overview

Design Methods:    Paper Wireframes & InVision Prototype

Design Details

The design for this project consisted of initial sketches during an ideation process and  a high-fidelity prototype as part of the rapid prototyping methods. 

New home page design

Adding accessibility to profile settings

Adding options to accessibility settings

Create new rider profiles to order rides on behalf of someone else

Set up alerts and profile details for new rider profiles

Alert riders of FareAccess limitations

Schedule a ride for someone else

Alert user when there is no ride quickly available

Schedule a ride for first avaialable


Stakeholder Feedback

Feedback for Katie:

  • To us, she was the best thought out and easiest to use.  Lots of “out of the box” ideas.

  • Alerts for Family Members – great idea

  • *Great Disclaimer for ADA Passengers* - best we saw, will probably be reaching out for some in-depth conversations with her specifically on this topic

  • First Available – what a concept?? We all loved it

  • Again, overall, we would give her the best!

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